Where is Isfahan

If you decide to take Iran tours, Isfahan will be always a part of your tour itinerary. You cannot find any travel agency in Iran which hold different types of Iran tours without visiting this magical city.
A trip to Isfahan will be one of the most memorable trips for any tourist. Isfahan is called half of the world in Iran and even in the world, and it has many historical monuments and attractions that have world renown.
Even if you are not a fan of historical attractions, Isfahan deserts and other nature attractions around Isfahan can attract you and you can choose ecotourism between tours that your travel agency in Iran offers you.
In this blog we have prepared a short list of most important Isfahan attractions to guide you when arrive to Isfahan in your Iran tours.
Naqsh-e Jahan square:
Naqsh-e Jahan Square is the central square of this city that is a must see place in Isfahan. This square is a collection of historical monuments and they are most important attractions of Isfahan. Naqsh-e Jahan square was built during the Timurid era and developed during the reign of Shah Abbas I in Safavid dynasty to the present.
At the time of Shah Abbas I, Naqsh-e Jahan square has been a place for polo games, rituals, celebrations and various shows, as well as a parade of troops. There are still two gates of polo that belong to that period. Do not miss visiting this place in your Iran tours.
Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
The construction of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque began in Safavid era. Skilled Iranian architecture constructed a unique piece of art that commends every visitor and tourist. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is located on the east side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square, opposite the Ali Qapu palace, and is one of the places that surely your travel agency in Iran put in in your Iran tour packages.
Si-o se pol
Se-o se pol is a beautiful and unique bridge that is a symbol of Anahita. This bridge is one of Safavid’s architectural masterpieces and one of the most famous bridges in Iran, located at the southern end of Chaharbagh avenue of Isfahan. This bridge was constructed on ZayandeRud and you can spent a lovely moment in your Iran tours here specially at night.
Si-o se pol have been used to celebrate Iranian water ceremonies. On July 13, they celebrated “Ab Pashan” event each year by pouring water and rose water on each other.
The bridge has always been admired by many scholars in the world, so far as Percy Sykes has considered Si-o se pol to be one of the world’s first-class bridges, making it an architectural masterpiece.
Chehel Sotoon palace
The Chehel Sotoon Palace is one of the masterpieces of the Safavid era in Isfahan, which, according to the inscription of its date, is the most blessed building in the world. The palace is located on the east side of ChaharBagh Bazaar, which your Travel agency in Iran can put it in your itinerary before shopping from that bazaar.
The architecture of this palace is a combination of Chinese, Iranian and foreign architectural art and has a main porch built eastward. This porch consists of two parts: a section that is based on 18 wooden columns and foursquare, centered on 4 stone lions, and the carvings are in such a way that two beverages are shown to the human head.
Isfahan has a lot of attractions that we couldn’t mention in our travel blog, so choose your travel agency in Iran wisely to be sure they show all beautiful places in this city and have amusing days in this city.