Is Iran safe to travel?

Is Iran safe to travel? This is one of the most important questions for tourists who are interested in tourism and traveling around the world in the Eastern countries, especially the Middle East countries and think about taking Iran tours.
Every day we hear many bad news about wars, attacking, robberies and terrorism in middle east countries. So if a tourist wants to travel to Iran they first think about its security.
About Iran tourism
Iran is a specific country with a wide range of natural and cultural attractions with a long glorious history. Therefore, because of the potential of tourism, Iran is considered a great destination for foreign tourists from Europe and other countries and many of them travel to this country by Iran tours.
In addition, visiting Iran is due to the value of money for most people is affordable and they can travel to Iran with Iran tour operators and experience a great accommodation and hospitality so cheap.
But with all of these good points about visiting Iran, this question always comes in the mindset of tourists whether this country is safe?
Safety in Iran
Due to global political issues and negative media propaganda against Iran, there are many negative opinions about Iran all over the world, and because of that many people concerned about taking Iran tours.
That’s why Iran tour operators always try to show the real Iran to tourists and reassure the people who wants to travel to Iran and tell them that they forget that all these arguments and negativity is between governments and not people.
Iranian people
One of the most important factors that attracts tourists and makes them to take Iran tours even for 2 or 3 times more, is Iranian culture. An Iranian hospitality is prominent in Iranian culture. Many tourists do not have a proper idea of Islam because of their negative propaganda and are unaware of the Iranian people’s beliefs and morals.
They also think that Iranian people will behave really bad if they understand they are from the US or Europe but it is enough to take a look about tourist’s opinion which traveled to in Iran in social medias specially TripAdvisor to understand that are these negative promotions about Iran and Iranian people is wrong. They can also consult with trusted Iran tour operators which know Iran well.
Tourists experience about Iran
“I and my wife traveled to Iran for two weeks, and I can honestly say that this country is one of the safest places we have ever traveled,” said a traveler who recently took one of Iran tours and shares his experience of the trip. “Only traffic problem in Tehran is crazy! The Iranians are the most welcoming people we have ever seen, and due to lack of time, we could not answer all their invitations. ”
Another traveler from his experience traveling to Iran says: “I traveled to Iran for the first time in 2012. While other tourists and Iran tour operators advised me that Iran was really safe and people were excellent in all respects, the media described Iran as the most dangerous region in the world, but on my trip to Iran, I found all the negative propaganda against this country is wrong and on a trip to Iran They have to be forgotten. ”
So you can also experience reality by traveling to Iran. Do not listen to what media says about Iran and travel to Iran easily by Iran tour operators and enjoy visiting the culture and civilization of a few thousand years along with the hospitable people.