5 reason why you should visit Iran

Iran has been attracting tourists from different countries and continents in recent years, despite the ups and downs in various fields, such as political, economic and other issues.
It can be argued that more than 90% of travelers who have traveled to Iran in recent years have all fallen in love with the country and its history and the hospitality of its people, and everyone has admitted that Iran is as much as before It’s different from their travels and how much negative and bad advertising is being made about this country.
With all these problems that we mentioned, these days Iran tour operators are managing many incoming tours for foreign tourist. If you are a traveler or you love traveling and visiting different countries, you should put Iran in your list.
In this blog we want to give 5 reasons why you should visit Iran:
1. Iran’s safety
Many people when they hear name of Iran, will think about war and Internal conflicts that is completely false. Iran is the safest country in middle east and tourists experience whom traveled to this country can proof it.
2. people and hospitality
The kindness and hospitality of the people of Iran have always been the hallmarks of all foreign travelers and tourists. They have always defined that, contrary to their perceptions, how much Iranian people were friendly to them and tried to chat with them, invite them to their house and even smiled at them on the street while they were walking. Indeed, Iranian hospitality has always been unique in the history of this country.
3. Iranian food and cuisine
When it comes to food and cuisine. Iran always located in top. Iranian traditional foods like Kabab or Qorme sabzi are the most popular and delicious foods that all tourists love them.
There are also some Iran tour packages that you travel different parts of Iran to experience the taste of that era food.
4. Ancient history
Iran is the house of the oldest civilizations in the world. The first signs of urbanization and culture are found in different parts of this country. From this long history, many historical remains have been recorded that are the most important element in Iran tourism.
Many of them also registered in the UNESCO World heritage site. You will surely have heard the name of places, such as Persepolis, Pasargadae or Naqsh-e Jahan mosque, and cities like Isfahan and Shiraz in the ads of Iran tour operators. But you must know that the historical and ancient works of Iran are far more than these, and none of Iran tour packages can accommodate even half of them.
5. It’s a budget destination
Traveling to Iran was always a worthwhile journey, but with recent currency fluctuations, traveling to Iran is one of the cheapest trips you can experience despite its high quality. You can travel to Iran and stay in its best hotels, as well as enjoy the best and delicious Iranian cuisine and visiting best historical places and the world’s finest architectures at a low cost and make for yourself a memorable experience.
You can try these unbelievable trip by Iran tour packages that different local Iran tour operators provide for tourist around the world.