Visit shiraz in your iran tours

Visit shiraz in your iran tours
Shiraz is a city built on the basis of history and poetry, which has become the cultural capital of Iran. It can be said that 99% of tourists who take iran tours, are interested in visiting Shiraz. Shiraz should be on the list of any iran tour packages.
Shiraz is the city of love. One of the most beautiful cities in Iran with many spectacular views, both natural and cultural and historical, among other cities of the country. A city that would take at least three to four days to explore its spectacular countless places in your iran tours.
The climate of the city of Shiraz is usually pleasant; the summer is warm and its autumn and winter are not so cold. So you can take iran tours from your chosen travel agency in iran.
If you are planning to take iran tours, we suggest you to read out article to know where is the best place to visit in Shiraz to put it in your Iran tour packages

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Where is Isfahan

If you decide to take Iran tours, Isfahan will be always a part of your tour itinerary. You cannot find any travel agency in Iran which hold different types of Iran tours without visiting this magical city.
A trip to Isfahan will be one of the most memorable trips for any tourist. Isfahan is called half of the world in Iran and even in the world, and it has many historical monuments and attractions that have world renown.
Even if you are not a fan of historical attractions, Isfahan deserts and other nature attractions around Isfahan can attract you and you can choose ecotourism between tours that your travel agency in Iran offers you.
In this blog we have prepared a short list of most important Isfahan attractions to guide you when arrive to Isfahan in your Iran tours.
Naqsh-e Jahan square:
Naqsh-e Jahan Square is the central square of this city that is a must see place in Isfahan. This square is a collection of historical monuments and they are most important attractions of Isfahan. Naqsh-e Jahan square was built during the Timurid era and developed during the reign of Shah Abbas I in Safavid dynasty to the present.
At the time of Shah Abbas I, Naqsh-e Jahan square has been a place for polo games, rituals, celebrations and various shows, as well as a parade of troops. There are still two gates of polo that belong to that period. Do not miss visiting this place in your Iran tours.
Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
The construction of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque began in Safavid era. Skilled Iranian architecture constructed a unique piece of art that commends every visitor and tourist. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is located on the east side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square, opposite the Ali Qapu palace, and is one of the places that surely your travel agency in Iran put in in your Iran tour packages.
Si-o se pol
Se-o se pol is a beautiful and unique bridge that is a symbol of Anahita. This bridge is one of Safavid’s architectural masterpieces and one of the most famous bridges in Iran, located at the southern end of Chaharbagh avenue of Isfahan. This bridge was constructed on ZayandeRud and you can spent a lovely moment in your Iran tours here specially at night.
Si-o se pol have been used to celebrate Iranian water ceremonies. On July 13, they celebrated “Ab Pashan” event each year by pouring water and rose water on each other.
The bridge has always been admired by many scholars in the world, so far as Percy Sykes has considered Si-o se pol to be one of the world’s first-class bridges, making it an architectural masterpiece.
Chehel Sotoon palace
The Chehel Sotoon Palace is one of the masterpieces of the Safavid era in Isfahan, which, according to the inscription of its date, is the most blessed building in the world. The palace is located on the east side of ChaharBagh Bazaar, which your Travel agency in Iran can put it in your itinerary before shopping from that bazaar.
The architecture of this palace is a combination of Chinese, Iranian and foreign architectural art and has a main porch built eastward. This porch consists of two parts: a section that is based on 18 wooden columns and foursquare, centered on 4 stone lions, and the carvings are in such a way that two beverages are shown to the human head.
Isfahan has a lot of attractions that we couldn’t mention in our travel blog, so choose your travel agency in Iran wisely to be sure they show all beautiful places in this city and have amusing days in this city.

Iran, four season country in Middle East

Iran is located in the southwest of Asia and in the Middle East, with an area of about 1.6 million square kilometers, with a population of about 79 million, one of the largest countries in the region. Tehran is the largest and most densely populated city as the political center and capital of Iran. Iran’s boundaries range from the east to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and from the west to Turkey and Iraq, from the north to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea, and to the south to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. You can use travel agency in Iran and get more information.
Iran is considered one of the oldest countries and one of the first founders of human civilizations in the world. Iran is a member of the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the countries that produce and sell oil: OPEC, ECO, and many other international organizations. As we said before travel agency in Iran can help you to choose best tour.
Why choose Iran as a tourist destination?
Iran is located in the unique geographic location between the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world. It has diverse tourist attractions in in field of historical, artistic, geographical, religious, natural, health, coastal, marine and sports. Iran is full of beauties. Every corner of this vast country has its own beauty. It is true that Iran is a four season country. Of course Iran Tour Packages are useful for tourist.
One of the important Specification of the land of Iran, which is very important in terms of tourism, is the existence of high-rise mountains, plains, desert areas, rivers and lakes, which has caused, at any time of year, In each corner of it, one of the four seasons can be seen in winter, in the beautiful and calm sea of the south, to water sports such as swimming and skiing on the water and at the same time in the mountains of the north and west of the country, to winter sports Like skating and mountaineering, it used a great springtime in many cities in the Caspian Sea.
Iran Due to its diverse tourist attractions, it hosts foreign tourists every year.
Iran’s Weather
As stated above, Iran is a country of four seasons and it is suitable for all the days of the year. For example, the northern cities of Iran, Shiraz and Yazd have extraordinary weather in the autumn and spring seasons. The presence of cool winds, pristine nature, green forest forests, unique deserts, and the infinite attraction of tourism have made this country unique in terms of tourists.
In fact, in the fall and spring, due to good weather, you can look at half the country and do not worry about colds and Unpleasant climates. If you can use the Iran Tour Packages you can visit different part of Iran with professional tour guide.

Is Iran safe to travel?

Is Iran safe to travel? This is one of the most important questions for tourists who are interested in tourism and traveling around the world in the Eastern countries, especially the Middle East countries and think about taking Iran tours.
Every day we hear many bad news about wars, attacking, robberies and terrorism in middle east countries. So if a tourist wants to travel to Iran they first think about its security.
About Iran tourism
Iran is a specific country with a wide range of natural and cultural attractions with a long glorious history. Therefore, because of the potential of tourism, Iran is considered a great destination for foreign tourists from Europe and other countries and many of them travel to this country by Iran tours.
In addition, visiting Iran is due to the value of money for most people is affordable and they can travel to Iran with Iran tour operators and experience a great accommodation and hospitality so cheap.
But with all of these good points about visiting Iran, this question always comes in the mindset of tourists whether this country is safe?
Safety in Iran
Due to global political issues and negative media propaganda against Iran, there are many negative opinions about Iran all over the world, and because of that many people concerned about taking Iran tours.
That’s why Iran tour operators always try to show the real Iran to tourists and reassure the people who wants to travel to Iran and tell them that they forget that all these arguments and negativity is between governments and not people.
Iranian people
One of the most important factors that attracts tourists and makes them to take Iran tours even for 2 or 3 times more, is Iranian culture. An Iranian hospitality is prominent in Iranian culture. Many tourists do not have a proper idea of Islam because of their negative propaganda and are unaware of the Iranian people’s beliefs and morals.
They also think that Iranian people will behave really bad if they understand they are from the US or Europe but it is enough to take a look about tourist’s opinion which traveled to in Iran in social medias specially TripAdvisor to understand that are these negative promotions about Iran and Iranian people is wrong. They can also consult with trusted Iran tour operators which know Iran well.
Tourists experience about Iran
“I and my wife traveled to Iran for two weeks, and I can honestly say that this country is one of the safest places we have ever traveled,” said a traveler who recently took one of Iran tours and shares his experience of the trip. “Only traffic problem in Tehran is crazy! The Iranians are the most welcoming people we have ever seen, and due to lack of time, we could not answer all their invitations. ”
Another traveler from his experience traveling to Iran says: “I traveled to Iran for the first time in 2012. While other tourists and Iran tour operators advised me that Iran was really safe and people were excellent in all respects, the media described Iran as the most dangerous region in the world, but on my trip to Iran, I found all the negative propaganda against this country is wrong and on a trip to Iran They have to be forgotten. ”
So you can also experience reality by traveling to Iran. Do not listen to what media says about Iran and travel to Iran easily by Iran tour operators and enjoy visiting the culture and civilization of a few thousand years along with the hospitable people.

5 reason why you should visit Iran

Iran has been attracting tourists from different countries and continents in recent years, despite the ups and downs in various fields, such as political, economic and other issues.
It can be argued that more than 90% of travelers who have traveled to Iran in recent years have all fallen in love with the country and its history and the hospitality of its people, and everyone has admitted that Iran is as much as before It’s different from their travels and how much negative and bad advertising is being made about this country.
With all these problems that we mentioned, these days Iran tour operators are managing many incoming tours for foreign tourist. If you are a traveler or you love traveling and visiting different countries, you should put Iran in your list.
In this blog we want to give 5 reasons why you should visit Iran:
1. Iran’s safety
Many people when they hear name of Iran, will think about war and Internal conflicts that is completely false. Iran is the safest country in middle east and tourists experience whom traveled to this country can proof it.
2. people and hospitality
The kindness and hospitality of the people of Iran have always been the hallmarks of all foreign travelers and tourists. They have always defined that, contrary to their perceptions, how much Iranian people were friendly to them and tried to chat with them, invite them to their house and even smiled at them on the street while they were walking. Indeed, Iranian hospitality has always been unique in the history of this country.
3. Iranian food and cuisine
When it comes to food and cuisine. Iran always located in top. Iranian traditional foods like Kabab or Qorme sabzi are the most popular and delicious foods that all tourists love them.
There are also some Iran tour packages that you travel different parts of Iran to experience the taste of that era food.
4. Ancient history
Iran is the house of the oldest civilizations in the world. The first signs of urbanization and culture are found in different parts of this country. From this long history, many historical remains have been recorded that are the most important element in Iran tourism.
Many of them also registered in the UNESCO World heritage site. You will surely have heard the name of places, such as Persepolis, Pasargadae or Naqsh-e Jahan mosque, and cities like Isfahan and Shiraz in the ads of Iran tour operators. But you must know that the historical and ancient works of Iran are far more than these, and none of Iran tour packages can accommodate even half of them.
5. It’s a budget destination
Traveling to Iran was always a worthwhile journey, but with recent currency fluctuations, traveling to Iran is one of the cheapest trips you can experience despite its high quality. You can travel to Iran and stay in its best hotels, as well as enjoy the best and delicious Iranian cuisine and visiting best historical places and the world’s finest architectures at a low cost and make for yourself a memorable experience.
You can try these unbelievable trip by Iran tour packages that different local Iran tour operators provide for tourist around the world.

best tourist attractions in iran

best tourist attractions in iran

From the beginning of the formation of the culture, civilization and humanity, Iran has been a cradle of art and beauty. The arts and tastes used in the works of Iranian artists in different periods as well as the glory, luster and elegance of the works of Iranian architects and artists are always appreciated by domestic and foreign visitors. Stay tuned for information about the best tourist attractions in Iran tours. In this section, we want to introduce 5 of the best tourist attractions to foreign tourists.

Tehran National Jewels Museum

The museum is one of the oldest and most valuable museums in Iran, which includes a treasure of jewelry left over from the dynasties and past governments of Iran.

The National Jewels Museum, located in the central bank building, has valuable jewels, including the Diamond of the Sea of Light, the Pahlavi Crown, the Taj Kiyani (belonging to Fath Ali Shah), the Jewelry Mark (belonging to Nasereddin Shah) and the sun throne (Belongs to Fath Ali Shah).

Visits: Saturdays to Tuesdays

Opening hours: 14 to 16:30

Visit fee: For foreign tourists 20000 IRR

Address: Tehran – Imam Khomeini Square – Ferdowsi Avenue – Not reaching the four routes of Istanbul – Building of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Call number: 64464700

Abyaneh Kashan

The red color of this city, due to which all the houses and buildings have become this color, takes you to a childhood imaginary world. Small and red houses that are stacked together and old men and women who are selling their products and crafts to local tourists with local clothes all feature one of the oldest and the highest villages in Iran. The approximate age of Abyane dates back to about 1,500 years, and the village has about 300 inhabitants. Visiting Abyaneh can stop your time or take away many years. Do not forget about the historic purchase of local handicrafts. For a quality trip, it’s better to buy a ticket from Travel agency in Iran and enjoy visiting Abyane.

Yazd wind catcher

There is no accurate data from the time of the wind-ups, but in many of the southern cities of Iran, we see these historical structures, each of which has different structures and characteristics, depending on the climate and conditions.

Yazd, the wind city, with warm and hospitable people, is waiting for your visit to these cultural assets.


Persepolis that In Persian they call it Takhte-jamshid one of the ancient cities of Iran, which for many years has been the capital of the glorious kingdom of Iran during the Achaemenian Empire. Eskandar the Great, in an attempt to destroy the power of the Achaemenid dynasty, burned down Persepolis in 330 BC, and it destroyed most of the books and artwork of the Achaemenid era.

But despite this fire, the greatness and power of this dynasty is still in the atmosphere of Persepolis, and it shakes the human body (In Persian, they describe the glory of a work by shaking the body). But Pasargad, unlike the general belief, is not the only name of the tomb of Cyrus the Great, but a collection consisting of a number of sections, such as the Tachra palace, Apadana palace, the royal garden, etc.

Visits: Every day

Visits: 8-17: 30

Entrance fee: For foreign tourists 20000 IRR

Address: Fars province – 57 km north of Shiraz city

Contact number: 07143341556

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

The construction of this field in the present form was begun by the order of Shah Abbas Safavi in 1011 AH, during which they performed various rituals, including fireworks. What now adds to the beauty of the square is the existence of a pond with several fountains in the field as well as numerous chambers far down the field, a good place to buy souvenirs and memorials of the city.

Address: Isfahan – Imam Hossein Square (AS) – Sepah Street
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